A constellation is a ceremony to align yourself with the flow of life.

The origin of this work is very old. Indigenous peoples have worked in this way through the ages. With a constellation you hold a ceremony where it is possible to bring subconscious dynamics to light and to look for possibilities to let life and love flow again where it has become compromised. Relationship, health, work or any other challenges can be the startingpoint for a constellation.
Through this accessible systemic way of working, you not only look at the point of struggle, but its entire living environment. You make a living map of it. Placing every element of a certain topic (people, longings, blockages) in physical space with a representative (being another person, an object, a floor anchor). This way you can feel the information field that is active in the undercurrents of your life that form the symptoms in your daily experience. By being consciously present in these inner landscapes, space is created and with space the flow of life grows. Through your body you connect with the rootcause of a problem or resistance. It's common to find intergenerational trauma. The energy quality of intens experiences can travel through generations until it's regulated and integrated. This is why this work is often referred to as family constellations. Not because you only examine issues with family members through this work, but because your body is connected to the family tree or system of your biological mother and father. We follow the dynamics of a story as far back as needed for a transormation to occur.

For me, working with constellations comes naturally. When I came into contact with this work, I became aware that this is the way I've always perceived reality. When I meet people, work on projects, during life events... I experience the whole field, the ecosystem of dynamics that’s playing out. Symptoms in your body, in relationships, in work are never isolated islands. As with an ecosystem, everything is interconnected and reacts to each other.
I help you to feel the deeper layers of a topic. The family system that we are connected with through our genetics is a strong field that can be active, also cultural and collective imprints can be the cause of struggle. I have come to see the difficulties that appear on the surface of our lives as opportunities for growth. An inclusive part of our existence. The language of life to say "look, here an update is possible". We are here to gain experience. It's not always easy to understand why. However, listening to the stories of your life gives meaning and orientation. Which leads to the growth of consciousness and the choice of hów to relate. This 'how' turns out to have a big impact on what manifests in your life. What trail of life possibilities you open up.

I hold constellations live and online. There are many ways to hold this ceremony. You and your body are always central and we also use people, floor anchors or objects as representatives for the 'players' in the field. In this way we untangle a situation, so that everything can find its own place. Through this inner cleansing you also create outer transformations. The power and accessibility of this work make me passionate to share this with you. Effective ways to embody life potential is not only in our own interest, but in the interest of all the life that surrounds us.


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“The Greater Soul moves in only one direction, and that is to bring into union that which has been made separate.”

- Bert Hellinger


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