Waking Up With Plants


In the podcast Waking Up With Plants I voice the subtle energy language of plants. The messages I receive from the consciousness of plants have the intention to support us in our everyday life as we move through these times of great change, of accelerated evolution in consciousness. The plants that grow under your feet, through pavements, on wastelands, in gardens and forests have stories to share! They live through these times as well, but often with a different perspective. They hold oneness consciousness. Which means they live, like us, as spirit in a physical body but do not experience a separate sense of self. We once had this embodied awareness and now grow back into it.

They help us to wake up in the experience of thriving, co-operative and abundant life, the true nature of life, and out of the story of suffering, survival of the fittest and lack. If you look at your every day to day life which of these settings is running your life? Where do you and don’t you feel the option to choose?

These messages were part of my personal practice and I felt the longing to share them with the wider world, because of the great support and insights they gave me. The plants bring the messages specifically for all the people listening.

In the video podcast on YouTube you can follow the episodes with the visuals they guide me to share along with the words. Click here. Or listen on Spotify and many other podcast platforms, here.

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Plant Sessions

To work with the energies shared in the podcast messages a Plant Session is provided. Here I guide you to connect with the plant spirit yourself and where they share their medicine, their body wisdom with you. I call these medicine journeys: body activations and energy transmissions. The plants hold vast amounts of body wisdom, that they can share with us through the ether. By intention you can call them in and work with them: anywhere, any time. Isn’t that just amazing? They radiates their frequencies to us and our body and soul pick up on this information and work with it to transmute denser energy in any layer of our existence; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. These sessions provide deep transformations and are simply a sanctuary space to reside in. To me they feel like deep homecoming in myself and in life. Healing energy baths.

Working with nature realms via energy medicine is thousands of years old and I believe also the way forward. Read more on this in The body & trauma, healing.

When I record these Plant Sessions I work in the quantum field and record them holographically. Which means the audio recording you receive is a living field that you connect with as you listen. I hold space for all people that will ever take the session and the plant works live with you each time with whatever is active in your system. So every time you ‘repeat’ the session it’s new, the embodiment of their medicine deepens and your experience of their energy grows. Just give yourself space to receive and perceive:-).

If you are interested in Live Plant Sessions; let me know via mail or a message on social media (you’ll receive the recording as well). Click on Shop below to take a look at the Plant Sessions available.
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“Not one being is composing or orchestrating this melody that we make together, we discover it while singing, in the listening space that we embody together.”

- Red Clover on the Field of Creation